Ingram Expands Lightning Source POD Operation to Australia

Mar 29, 2011

Ingram Content Group, Inc., announced that the Lightning Source print on demand (POD) operation will be based in Melbourne, Australia. The company placed the group's fifth networked book manufacturing facility in Melbourne based on its proximity to a large concentration of major publishers and book distributors and to key metropolitan regions in Australia. The new location will allow Ingram to bring its print and distribution network to the Asia Pacific market.

According to Ingram, the virtual inventory offered through POD affords the benefits of driving additional sales while reducing the need to store local inventory, lowering transportation costs, and increasing the number of titles available in the region. The Australian Lightning Source POD operation was announced last September. Ingram currently has Lightning Source operations in North America, the U.K., and France, and the Australian location will open in June of this year.