Ingenta Upgrades Flagship Web Service

Jan 21, 2005

Ingenta plc, a technology and services provider for the publishing and information industries, has announced the launch of a new suite of services designed to save librarians time, money, and administrative resource in managing their online collections. The IngentaConnect Premium package features a selection of enhancements to the free services already in use by Ingenta's registered library customers. IngentaConnect Premium combines elements of Ingenta services, such as email alerting and custom-built library gateways, with new features including one-click subscription activation management, searching by subscribed content only, customized library branding and advanced statistics.

The IngentaConnect platform, a collection of academic and professional publications, was launched in Fall 2004. A range of content types, including journals, books, reports, statistics and more, is made available to users under subscription and through a variety of different payment models such as library deposit accounts, individual subscription sales, and article pay-per-view access. The site offers new tools designed to integrate the IngentaConnect platform with browsers and search engines such as Firefox and Google. Users can also take advantage of features such as flagged subscriptions, marked lists, reference linking, and alerting services.