Ingenta Unveils Aperture

Oct 11, 2018

Ingenta, provider of technology solutions to publishers, has officially launched Aperture, an intuitive new web-based platform which gives publishers the ability to unlock data and information stored within their systems, and share it with employees and trusted third parties. The application empowers publishers to provide key data, which can be accessed on demand in real time, regardless of where the information is stored. Owners can set up access rights so that business insights can be shared securely and on their own terms, while ensuring that sensitive information is shared on a ‘need to know’ basis.

Aperture is data source agnostic and can be integrated with existing systems using web API’s. Aperture helps publishers to:

  • provide partners with product, pricing, bundling and order information
  • equip sales reps with on-the-go access to enterprise-wide data
  • offer metadata access for project contributors
  • reduce routine customer service queries
  • give authors access to the information they need quickly and easily

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