Ingenta Offers Two New Platforms for Media

Oct 09, 2018

Ingenta, provider of technology solutions to publishers, is offering two new web-based platforms for media organizations –Truly Media and Editorial.

The new products, which have been developed specifically with the complex challenges of the multimedia, newspaper, and magazine industries in mind, will empower publishers to take full control of content across multiple channels and help journalists assess the reliability of social media sources.

Truly Media

Truly Media is a collaborative platform, which enables journalists and newsrooms to evaluate the validity levels of user-generated digital content shared across a variety of social media networks. 

The tool is fully scalable and can be adopted by large multinational media organizations or smaller outlets with just a handful of journalists, and it can be used to:

  • FIND: Locate and aggregate content from multiple social media sources
  • ORGANIZE: Build content collections and share with colleagues in real time
  • VERIFY: Use built-in verification tools to validate sources and make decisions


A product suite, which allows multi-channel publishers and news agencies to converge and manage content from a single platform, Editorial is available in two different editions Publisher and Agency – both covering the planning, production, archiving, publishing, and distribution of multimedia content.

The Publisher edition is designed to help organizations redefine and simplify their workflows, helping them to fully automate processes while offering powerful digital asset management tools, along with automatic pagination and “one-click” cross-channel publishing capabilities.

Meanwhile the Agency tool enables newsrooms to transform the way they collect, verify, create, archive, distribute, and sell news, allowing them to automate their aggregation and syndication processes and monetize their assets.

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