Ingenta Launches Content Services For Publishers

Apr 02, 2004

Ingenta Inc., a creator and operator of specialist publication Web sites for academic and professional publishers, has launched two new Web services and expanded the provision of a third for its publisher clients as part of an ongoing program of technical enhancements planned for 2004.

Content Tracker is a content monitoring tool that is designed to enable publishers to view the progress of their content as it follows the online production process. Clients can use this free service to monitor when their material is processed and available on and

The second new service gives publishers the opportunity to enhance their printed material by adding Supplementary Data online. Editors can enhance their publications at article, issue, or publication title level. Using this facility, they could choose to add new research or supporting material such as case studies, images, or primary research data.

Supporting these two new services, Ingenta has also expanded the existing Fast Track service to include content available at as well as Fast Track is designed to enable clients to publish articles online, even prior to online publication of an issue.

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