Ingenta Launches Beta of New Flagship Web Service

Jun 01, 2004

Ingenta Inc. has launched the first beta version of IngentaConnect, the Web service set to replace its flagship online research services and IngentaConnect is scheduled to go live early in the new academic year this fall and offer a new interface as well as new technology underpinning the service, which is intended to provide increased scalability, as well as improving reliability and flexibility. The access and authentication system has also been redeveloped to expand the range of models under which publishers can provide access to their content.

For publishers whose electronic content is delivered via the service, IngentaConnect is expected to support a broader range of content types, such as journals, books, reports, and statistics, available to their customers from one location. There will be more opportunities to sell content via library deposit accounts and individual subscription sales, alongside article pay-per-view access. New features for users include flagged subscriptions, marked lists, reference linking, and alerting services. The first beta Web site focuses on search and browse, with personalization, administrative, and ecommerce functionality phased in during the next few months.

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