Ingenta Introduces COUNTER-Compliant Usage Statistics for Libraries

Jun 24, 2003

Ingenta Inc. has introduced usage statistics from and to give the 14,500 libraries currently registered with Ingenta the ability to analyze the usage behavior of their patrons online. As Ingenta is an active member of the international COUNTER initiative to ensure consistent measurement of usage statistics within the online information industry, these new statistics are compliant with the COUNTER code of conduct. Libraries can choose from two types of statistical reporting: free standard usage statistics or advanced usage statistics which offer enhanced reporting functionality to better equip the library administrator. Standard usage statistics--libraries can request a free summary report detailing the usage behavior of their patrons on a monthly basis. Data given includes usage of table of contents, abstracts, and article downloads per journal, together with the numbers of visits and searches their patrons have undertaken during the period. Advanced usage statistics--for a small annual fee, libraries can automatically receive monthly reports with a Flash interface to enable better data manipulation and graphical views of the results. The advanced option includes an annual summary report and a perpetual archival facility. Additional data is given, including usage breakdown by hour, day of the week, or specific days or times.

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