Ingenta Annouces pub2web; Updates IngentaConnect

Nov 30, 2007

November 27, 2007

Ingenta,the technology provider that connects the publishing and informationindustries, announced the launch of its publications platform, pub2web.This publishing system assembles best-of-breed components into ascalable, extensible platform, building on the technical architectureof Ingenta Connect while offering customization optionsto its clients.pub2web  is also fully integrated with thecompany’s Metastore, a data repository designed to support flexiblecontent types, multiple search and browse options and semanticdatamining. Launch clients for the new platform include the World Bank,which will deploy pub2web to upgrade its e-Library, the InternationalMonetary Fund (IMF) and the organization for Economic Co-operation andDevelopment (OECD), which has selected pub2web to deliver the thirdgeneration of its prestigious online library SourceOECD. Ingenta alsorecently announced the latest release of its flagship web platform,IngentaConnect. The release incorporates a number of new features thathave been developed in response to user feedback and evolvingtechnologies.