Ingeniux CMS 9 Brings Web Experience into the Cloud

Oct 21, 2014

Ingeniux Corporation, a provider of web experience and collaboration software, announced the release of Ingeniux CMS 9. The latest version of the Ingeniux flagship CMS introduces a brand new ASP.NET MVC technology platform, and a host of new marketing and web management features. The new CMS platform uses a NoSQL database designed to scale content delivery in the cloud.

Ingeniux CMS 9 debuts a new content repository based on NoSQL document database technology. NoSQL is one of the hallmark technologies used in Big Data and the emerging Big Content industries. Unlike traditional relational databases that store data in rows and columns, the Ingeniux repository stores content as document objects, fully preserving the rich structure of the content.    

With the NoSQL database Ingeniux delivers auto-scaling, simple cloud based delivery and management, schema-free data modeling, and enhanced search capabilities without any third-party database licensing, upgrade cycles, or cost.   

CMS 9 offers new template technology, introducing new visual page and form building feature based on responsive design frameworks such as Bootstrap 3 and Foundation. Page Builder uses a twelve-grid layout system that enables content contributors to modify or create new layouts without any coding or development required.

Ingeniux CMS 9 a;so includes the Ingeniux InSite search application, an innovative search solution based on the project.