Infutor Takes on Programmatic Market with New TruthSet Digital Device Graph and Digital Suite of Solutions

Oct 17, 2019

Consumer identity management expert Infutor today launched its Digital Solutions Suite, powered by its new TruthSet Digital Device Graph. Attempting to solve the challenges facing the programmatic market, Infutor’s Digital Solutions link privacy-compliant digital identities with offline attributes for enhanced marketing applications including crosswalk, onboarding and segmentation and personalization strategies.

Infutor’s Digital Solutions Suite, including Digital Onboarding, Digital Crosswalk and Digital Personalization, is powered by Infutor’s new TruthSet Digital Device Graph. This digital source of truth is based on linking Infutor’s one billion privacy-compliant email identities with 320 million digital devices and 2.3 billion privacy-compliant mobile ad ID and hashed email pairs with the Infutor Identity Graph’s originally-sourced deterministic, authoritative and permissible data. 

With Infutor’s Digital Onboarding solution, marketers and platforms can digitize audiences creating a safe harbor which eliminates the need to ingest personally identifiable information (PII) into their platform. Infutor’s on-demand API returns privacy compliant digital and mobile identities in sub-second time enabling agencies, marketers, brands, and platforms to extend their reach and drive personalized messaging to consumers at critical points in their purchase process.

To link device usage at the individual and household level, Infutor’s Digital Crosswalk uses digital identities such as hashed emails or mobile ad IDs (MAIDs) to match MAIDs to hashed emails and vice versa. This solution exponentially increases marketing reach and segmentation by adding any associated MAIDs, hashed emails and demographics per digital identity to maximize digital onboarding match rates and improve personalization. 

Infutor’s Digital Personalization solution allows marketers to use anonymous digital identities to optimize online marketing with essential demographics including offline attributes such as age, income, and gender. This solution enables marketers to optimize and segment audiences in a privacy-compliant/anonymous way. 

The use of digital identity markers such as MAIDs and hashed emails is on the rise as more brands are looking at alternatives to third-party cookies and privacy compliant ways to reach consumers in the wake of new privacy regulations. 

Infutor’s identity resolution services help verify and complete inbound fractional consumer identities on demand; then complete and enhance customer profiles with deterministic offline attributes and segmentation data including segmentation clusters for highly predictive analytics initiatives. Infutor empowers omnichannel marketing by providing data that customers can use across all digital and social platforms.  


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