Infutor Enhances its ID Suite with Connex Audience Clusters

Feb 28, 2019


Consumer identity management expert Infutor announced that it has added Ruf Strategic Solutions’ Connex Audience Clusters to the Infutor ID Suite enabling real-time inbound identity resolution and analytics-driven segmentation in a single solution. 

Connex Audience Clusters enable marketers to identify groups of their most profitable customers and prospects based on their unique KPIs across seven cluster types: Household, Family, Neighborhood, Digital, Generations, Life Stage and Messaging. The segmentation and analytics tool helps marketers focus their resources on high propensity audience segments featuring thousands of unique lifestyle traits including geographic, demographic, psychographic, and technographic characteristics, as well as media consumption, brand preferences and buying behaviors.

By combining identity resolution and cluster analytics, the Infutor ID Suite enables marketers to identify inbound consumers in real-time that align with high performing cluster audiences, and immediately engage with them through multiple marketing channels. Accurate and up-to-date identity data that is cleansed, corrected, completed and enhanced is an essential component of high-performance customer segmentation.

Infutor acquired Ruf Strategic Solutions in December 2018 with the goal of integrating Ruf’s extensive suite of consumer analytics with Infutor’s real-time identities and attribute-driven profiles to offer marketers a deeper understanding of their consumers and aid data-driven business decisioning for their acquisition, retention and optimization strategies. 

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