Infotrieve Spearheads Text Mining Initiative

Jul 08, 2014

Infotrieve, Inc., a provider of global-enterprise SaaS software and business services for STM content access and management, announced it has completed a pilot project that included the successful implementation of a beta text mining solution leveraging the capabilities of the Mobile Library platform. Infotrieve partnered with long standing client, global biopharmaceutical company UCB, to develop a solution aimed at providing a cloud-based text mining platform that would allow UCB staff to mine full text articles from multiple publishers using a variety of text mining tools in a standardized, copyright compliant and end user friendly manner.

In completing the pilot Infotrieve collaborated with six major life science publishers, collecting from each hundreds of full text articles in XML format. Infotrieve tagged each article using Journal Article Tags Suite (JATS), creating a standardized and homogenized corpus for text mining, and loaded the result into its cloud-based Mobile Library platform. The Mobile Library's flexible search capabilities, content management tools and rights management engine provided pilot participants the ability to search and create a research set, and then further refine the results to clearly identify articles currently under subscription versus those requiring purchase, as well as those available for text mining.