Information Access Alliance Takes Action on Proposed Wiley Acquisition of Blackwell

Dec 08, 2006

John Wiley and Sons has announced its plans to acquire Blackwell Publishing, a publisher of scientific, technical, and medical (STM) journals, for a price of $1.08 billion. The combined company will control more than 1,200 titles, many of them scholarly society journals.

The Information Access Alliance (IAA), representing the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), the American Library Association, the Association for College and Research Libraries, the American Association of Law Libraries, the Medical Library Association, SPARC, and the Special Library Association, wrote to the US Department of Justice on November 29 asking that they act to issue a second request for information from the two companies and review the market and the merger.

The IAA is deeply concerned that this transaction will exacerbate market dysfunctions and result in further reduction in access to critical research information that fuels the entire higher education and research enterprise. Both John Wiley and Sons and Blackwell Publishing currently use bundled pricing models.