Inform Technologies Announces Publisher Services

Nov 07, 2006

Inform Technologies has developed Publisher Services, a suite of solutions designed to allow traditional media companies to serve online visitors in new ways. Publisher Services applies Inform's solutions to a publisher's existing content and editorial assets to deliver a personalized online experience.

Inform's technology creates semantic relationships between articles to deliver relevant, interrelated content in real time from the publisher's data repositories and other sources. The Inform Engine automatically highlights and links related entities within each article, and dynamically generates related topics and stories that can be included in sidebars next to each piece of publisher content. Inform automates special sections and news coverage, and delivers relevant aggregated news content from the web in the form of articles, blogs, audio, and/or video. Inform's technology is designed to enable publishers to establish themselves as a news destination rather than being relegated to a search result. Inform Publisher Services is for media companies that need technology solutions to automatically re-purpose and re-circulate branded and web-based content to attract and retain topic-driven news consumers. The Inform offerings include the following modules: Related Content; Related Subjects & SmartLinks; SmartLinks; Related Subject Boxes; Search Box Enhancements; and Special Reports & Vertical Pages.