Inform Announces New Online News Platform

Oct 21, 2005

Inform Technologies LLC has announced a new platform for Internet-based news consumption. This platform combines news reading, aggregation, and search by distilling Internet news content into its common semantic elements, or a mathematical language. Then, it serves content to consumers in a streamlined platform with one-click navigation and search functionality.

Inform's technology collects content from sources and analyzes the entire text using an algorithmic processing engine. Through this process, Inform tags and scores each component of the article, identifying every topic, industry, organization, person, place, and product mentioned throughout the entire article. Inform allows users to view online news in a traditional manner, then dive deeper into topics in which they are interested.

Features of the Inform platform, include: a Streamlined Reader--users can digest the branded content that is important to them. Users can read any or all of the sections of their favorite publications, moving from article to article in one click; Precision Tracking-- users can track relevant topics, industries, companies, people, places and/or products--or any combination thereof; and the ability to Promote Discovery--Inform presents structured, related information around each topic enabling deeper discovery, with just one-click. The free Web-based platform is currently available in beta form at the Web site.