Infogix Releases New Module for ControlsAssure

May 30, 2006

Infogix, Inc., a provider of automated information controls solutions, has announced the latest release of its ControlsAssure product line, an Item Matching Module. The new module features new functionality that performs detailed reconciliation and matching to further assist in streamlining regulatory compliance, operational reporting, and the overall monitoring of the steps in the business process to ensure that information is accurate, consistent, and reliable.

ControlsAssure is a Web-based, enterprise software solution that delivers rules-based automated information controls. The new module, Item Matching Control Module, gives users the ability to validate detailed level information, at the transaction level, throughout their business processes. The Item Matching Control Module is designed for high volume transaction validation and one to many matching and reporting.

Examples of such transactions include claims payments processing in the insurance industry, statement processes for banks, and the millions of pieces of data that flow through telecommunication companies' switches on a daily basis. In addition to the Item Matching Control Module, ControlsAssure includes Time and Sequence Control Module, Summary Balancing Control Module, and Duplicate Source Control Module.