Infodata Announces Upgrade

Jul 13, 2004


Infodata Systems Inc. has announced the upgrade availability of its annotation technology, AnnoDoc 1.5.3. This release provides integrations for use with the following Documentum environments: Webtop 5.2.5 (SP1), Desktop Client 5.2.5 (SP1), and Compliance Manager 5.2.5 (SP1). The company has also announced the forthcoming release of its Annotaiton Suite 2.0 Compliance edition.

AnnoDoc is designed to allow the enterprise to maintain tight control over their internal content review processes. AnnoDoc incorporates a security model to support activity level permission settings, and enables parallel review of content to promote effective and efficient workflow processing. AnnoDoc also offers broad ability for information aggregation processes allowing multiple forms of content to be added as separate objects to a document as it flows through the review process, a necessity for specific scenarios within regulated enterprise communities.

Infodata's upcoming Annotation Suite 2.0 Compliance Edition product, scheduled for release in September 2004, leverages AnnoDoc technology and is built on an open and modular architecture to deliver sophisticated annotation capabilities that will enable enterprises to be even more responsive to today's highly demanding regulatory environment. The new platform will provide: versioning of annotations, distinction between annotation authors and annotation owners, searchable annotations, annotation consolidation, annotation object security, expanded support for annotating Microsoft Office documents, and access to multiple repository services.