Info Plant and Wireless Watch Japan to Provide Mobile Market Data in English

Mar 23, 2004


INFO PLANT CO., LTD., and the Wireless Watch Japan media project will begin offering English-language versions of INFO PLANT's C-NEWS market research reports targeting overseas audiences seeking business intelligence on Japanese consumer usage of mobile phones, wireless Internet, and advanced 3G data services. The new report series is dubbed "Japan Wireless Intelligence Reports" and reports will be available for sale and immediate electronic download via Wireless Watch Japan's English Web site.

INFO PLANT's C-NEWS provides market data based on surveys of consumer panel members living in Japan. The Japan Wireless Intelligence Reports series will comprise English-language translations of selected, mobile-focused C-NEWS survey reports and their accompanying analyses. Until now, these business planning tools have only been available in Japanese but INFO PLANT and Wireless Watch Japan believe that marketers, strategists, product developers, and managers in the wireless industry overseas will also find them useful for understanding how advanced mobile Internet and 3G data services will gain consumer acceptance.

Under terms of the new cooperation, research staff at INFO PLANT will conduct research, compile and analyze consumer survey data, and produce the initial Japanese-language C-NEWS reports. Subsequently, editorial and research staff at Wireless Watch Japan will select, vet, and translate complete versions of those reports pertaining to 3G networks, handsets, new technologies, consumer acceptance, usage factors, cost, pricing, mobile Internet services (including picture mail, music downloads, Java, gaming, mobile payment, and other applications), and other topics of interest to industry professionals overseas.

The first Japan Wireless Intelligence Reports will be available for multi-currency purchase and immediate download from Wireless Watch Japan's new Online Intelligence Shop. Detailed abstracts and tables of contents will be available for free, while individual reports including text, tables, charts, and analysis will be priced at $120, or the equivalent in other currencies.

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