Industrial Medium Releases Expressroom 2.7

Mar 16, 2004

Industrial Medium, a provider of Web content and site management solutions, has unveiled Version 2.7 of its Expressroom content management system, the first major upgrade to the software since it was acquired from Borland Software last year. Version 2.7 includes enhancements to the core product, including new automation tools, an embedded search engine for searches both within Expressroom and on the resulting Web site, lower resource utilization for higher performance, and improvements to all major software modules. Expressroom 2.7 is available for immediate deployment.

The new features in Expressroom 2.7 include: Automation Framework, automating the creation of new Web pages and changes to existing ones; Integrated Itembase Searches so which simplified searching an itembase; Integrated Site Searches, whereby the engine technology added to Expressroom can also be used to power searches on the site itself; Enhanced Java Server Page (JSP) support, which now offers an alternative to creating layout templates and logical pages using its built-in XML-based template system; and an Enhanced API so that a documented in-line pre-operation filter API allows now developers to implement specific business logic on items as they are written into the Expressroom Asset Manager.

An optional module, the Expressroom Document Assistant, allows content authors and other contributors to create and edit documents in Microsoft Office programs, and transform them into Web content designed specifically for their sites. The module automatically handles the reformatting and conversion tasks for a range of text, image, presentation, and other file formats.