Indigo Rose Launches Andromo App Maker for Android

Sep 20, 2011

Indigo Rose Software launched the Andromo App Maker for Android, a free application designed to enable simple, efficient Android app development. With a point-and-click process and instructions, Andromo can be used by developers at any experience level to create professional, fully-functional apps ready for upload to the Android Market.

Users have full control over background colors, textures, and graphics, and can customize the positioning of text and icons on screen. The apps can also link to or bring in content from other sites like blogs or Twitter feeds. More advanced functionality, like embedding a webpage, is also possible with Andromo.

With about 40% of the smartphone market, Android is the most widely used operating system in the industry, according to recent market research by Nielsen. Hundreds of thousands of apps available in the Android Market have been built on Android, an open source platform.