Indico Announces Enterprise AI Product Purpose-Built for Business Users

May 28, 2018

Indico, a provider of Enterprise AI solutions for unstructured content, announced the release of the latest version of its application. The machine learning solution is built to make artificial intelligence more accessible to business users looking to automate manual processes, augment existing workflows with greater intelligence, or discover new opportunities and risks within existing unstructured data.

Indico’s new application offers highly functional and efficient machine learning capabilities specifically designed for text, images, and other document-based information such as PDF and Word documents. Indico leverages a proven data science technique called Transfer Learning offering enterprises advantages in their ability to apply machine learning to unstructured content compared to existing solutions. With Indico:

  • Users can effectively train models with 100X-1000X less data.
  • End-to-end deployment time is accelerated by as much as 10X.
  • Operational and hardware costs can be reduced by as much as 90%.

The offering is designed for two primary use cases in the enterprise:

Intelligent Process Automation accelerates existing business processes that are highly manual and involve analysis of large amounts of unstructured data and documentation (e.g., content process automation, contract review and analysis, RFP analysis and composition, and risk/compliance analysis).

Powerful Content Insights analyzes existing unstructured datasets to fuel innovation, enhance customer engagement, and find new operational efficiencies and business opportunities (e.g., resume screening and analysis, customer interaction analysis, content and image classification, and sales opportunity prospecting).

The solution features three core modules that can be used in correlation and individually:

  • Indico Discover-For users with large datasets that may have value, but not sure where to start, this module lets them explore the data they have and the insights that might exist, and the models that can be created.
  • Indico Teach-Presents first pass data results in an understandable way to business users so that they can easily transfer their knowledge of the data into a model. Validates when sufficient model training has been achieved and creates a closed-loop environment to help the model continuously learn while in deployment.
  • Indico Review-Enables users to understand how their model is performing, and easily identify and reconcile any mislabeled data. Provides comprehensive model performance analytics and explainability.