Indi Offers Brands a Solution Aligned with Facebook’s New Algorithm

Feb 06, 2018 says it has changed the way brands market on social media by allowing customers to become brand ambassadors and instant influencers through user-generated videos. A satisfied customer can spread the word to their friends in an authentic and real way, and now, on Indi they can do it on video and get paid, win an amazing experience, or other great prizes to share. Indi was created to tap into the power of real content created by consumers about the brands they love—then when they share the content organically on social media brands get a real reach and an organic buzz going. 

With Facebook’s big change this year, recently announcing that they will place an even greater importance on individuals’ content — not content from companies— reaching potential new customers on social media is harder than ever for brands. Content generated by brands and companies continue to get pushed down newsfeeds and essentially blacked out.

Indi also worked in the next logical step by serving as an access point for customers to find the products they learn about through videos. Users watching a golf club review can link directly to the products they’ve just learned about at a retailer’s website. Product ambassadors load videos to their Indi channel then directly share into their social media streams, and new customers can instantly shop the video.