Indexer Introduces Vector, an Analytical Platform

Mar 14, 2017

Indexer, a Houston-based technology start-up, announced the public availability of Vector, an analytical platform that says it transforms the internet into unprecedented tangible, meaningful data. Utilizing real-time quantitative research and advanced algorithms, Vector claims to stand apart from existing analytical platforms by extracting more content, with greater efficiency, than has ever been possible before.

Monitoring half-a-billion news sources simultaneously with Natural Language Processing (NLP), including social media, Vector precisely searches speech patterns and translates languages to dig deep into the core of the internet; resulting in the extraction of all facets of information, including unstructured text and images.

In addition to asset price predictions, Vector identifies the primary organizations, individuals and geopolitical entities that influence asset prices, markets and customers most. This helps investors to decipher which sell-side equity analysts and economists to be influenced by.