InboundWriter Announces Content Analytics Software

Sep 10, 2013

InboundWriter, which specializes in content performance improvement, announced the latest release of its software platform. This new release makes it possible for enterprises and publishers developing rich, text-oriented online content to measurably improve content quality, and consistently predict how content will perform prior to investing significant time and resources into writing, publishing, and promotion.

As part of an ongoing research effort, InboundWriter found that, on average, website content has a 10-20% chance of being successful. In one particular study, InboundWriter examined traffic patterns (measured via organic page views in the past year) for more than 110,000 pages and 32,000,000 page views over a ten-site sample. The research showed that, on average, only 20% of a company's web pages drive 90% of its web traffic, and only half of a percent of a website's content drives more than 50% of its web traffic. These traffic patterns were consistent across all sites in the study.

InboundWriter also confirmed a statistically significant relationship between the traffic that a piece of content generates and its InboundWriter content quality score, thereby validating that InboundWriter's technology can be used as an indicator for predicting content's performance on the web. 

Building on its first-generation software platform that automates the process of applying best practices to content creation, the latest InboundWriter platform evaluates new factors that enable it to forecast content success. Once InboundWriter understands the topic a user plans to write about, it scours the web to find competitive content pieces on the same subject. This provides a reservoir of intelligence, which when combined with the software's analytics data, yields insights as to how a piece of content published on a particular site will perform.