InStranet, Inc. Integrates Contact Centers with Siebel Customer-Facing Solutions

Jan 03, 2006

InStranet, Inc., a global provider of multi-channel knowledge applications, has announced that the integration between its Contact Centers In-Line (CCIL) application and Siebel customer facing solutions version 7 has been successfully validated by Siebel Systems Inc.

CCIL manages and automates the delivery of profile-based content and knowledge to every customer touch point, such as Web self-service, call center agents, and sales channels. Siebel's multi-channel offerings allow organizations to manage and coordinate all customer interactions across the Web, contact center, field sales/service force, branch/retail network, and indirect and partner distribution channels. With this validation, customers of Siebel Systems and InStranet can now offer organizations automated delivery of profile-based knowledge.

The integration of CCIL with Siebel customer-facing solutions allows users to have one place to go for both CRM information, and product and service knowledge. CCIL's Web self-service capabilities empower customers to find answers themselves and reduce the amount of calls agents need to handle, while enabling company representatives to instantly find up-to-date, context-sensitive information relevant to the complete customer experience during a telephone or other interaction.

InStranet is a J2EE application requiring a Web application server and relational database. The InStranet Siebel Request Connector handles all requests made from the Siebel application to InStranet. It determines the type of search being made from the Siebel interface, and leverages InStranet's multi-dimensional architecture to formulate a search based on the profile data extracted from the Siebel records.