InStranet Announces v3 of its Content Application Foundation

Nov 26, 2002


InStranet, Inc., provider of Content-Based Applications for the Enterprise, has announced the release of InStranet v3 Content Application Foundation (CAF). A new version of its flagship content infrastructure technology for enterprises and their partners, InStranet's CAF offers built-in information exchange and transformation components, programming support with a new Java Bean interface, an enhanced software development kit (SDK), and portability support for multiple data bases and application servers. InStranet v3 CAF uses a browser-based interface to give non-technical business users an intuitive framework for securely searching, retrieving, and distributing information that is organized based on these types of categories. With the introduction of InStranet's v3 CAF, the company now provides a suite of tools called "Application Exchange" that is intended to enable enterprises to quickly and easily integrate InStranet with other infrastructure platforms, such as Document Management (DM), Business Intelligence (BI), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Application Exchange provides a flexible, configurable mechanism to enable InStranet v3 users to share business-critical information such as sales and marketing documents, users, and corporate metadata. The platform supports the export, import, transformation and communication of information using industry standards such as Java, XML, XSL, HTTP, and WEBDAV. With Application Exchange, InStranet can "plug-and-play" into virtually any infrastructure environment. The newly offered InStranet SDK provides transparent access to all Java objects, enabling developers to extend the application's core functionality with their own Java classes. With this open access, developers can manipulate any object in the InStranet repository, including dimensions, documents, users, workflow, and document definitions, as well as the associations between them. InStranet v3 CAF is a 100% Java, XML, and J2EE solution, affording rapid integration with other applications and systems. At the application level, InStranet's v3 CAF common metadata framework provides touch points to traditional CRM/PRM and analytics systems, allowing the two types of applications to exchange business data. Additionally, InStranet v3 CAF is fully compatible with Portal/LDAP/CM-DM systems, allowing companies to take advantage of existing corporate tools and technologies.