InQuira Announces InQuira 8

Feb 20, 2007

InQuira Inc., a provider of integrated software applications for intelligent search, knowledge management, analytics and user experience, has launched InQuira 8, the latest version of its flagship solution for improving customer interactions on the web. InQuira 8 introduces InQuira Information Center, an out-of-the-box web application that integrates InQuira products to deliver a portal-like knowledge application for customer service and support websites. Information Center is driven from the configuration of InQuira Information Manager, InQuira Intelligent Search, and InQuira Discussion Forums to provide an integrated set of functions in a single web application.

InQuira Discussion Forums is a collaboration platform in InQuira 8. Discussion Forums is tightly integrated with InQuira Intelligent Search and InQuira Information Manager to create a self-service experience for web users. It can be used by both customers and internal users to collaborate and then capture the results of the interaction to improve future self-service user experiences. In addition to improving the ability of the user community to create, use, and maintain knowledge content, InQuira Information Manager 8 introduces user subscriptions and authoring process improvements, such as personalized list capabilities, bulk operations, task auto-assignment, reputations model enhancements, and more.

New tools like System Manager and Log Event viewer are being introduced in a thin-client environment, designed to simplify administrator functions to set-up collections, schedule content processing jobs, view job status in real-time, and diagnose any problems that might occur. User Experience Manager (UEM), part of the Intelligent Search product, provides an interface to add intent responses, assign the responses to different user segments, and perform basic dictionary tasks like adding company-specific concepts and synonyms. The enhanced UEM provides a way to segment the search queries through context variables and to use process wizards as intent responses. InQuira Analytics has been enhanced to provide insight, designed to enable companies to more effectively manage their complete web and contact center user experiences. InQuira 8 adds Session and User Experience analysis, including new reports on InQuira Personalized Navigation, InQuira Process Wizards, and complete session and activity analysis. InQuira 8 is currently available on Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms.