InQuira Announces General Availability of Inquira 7; Adds Personalization Products

May 17, 2005

InQuira, a provider of search solutions intended to improve the quality of customer interactions through Web sites and contact centers, has announced the general availability of InQuira 7, an expansion and upgrade of InQuira's Intelligent Search platform. New products that are now part of the platform include Personalized Navigation and Process Wizards, in addition to the recently announced Contact Center Advisor and Information Manager modules.

The InQuira 7 Intelligent Search Platform is designed to help corporations improve real-time customer interaction with a set of products that deliver personalized Web site experiences, and/or personalized responses for contact center agents, that accurately answer the real-time requests of customers, address the needs behind then requests, and incorporate personalized sets of needs-based marketing messages as well.

The InQuira 7 Platform is built on a combination of computational linguistics and enterprise software that includes: natural language processing for comprehending customer requests and needs, as well as indexing and searching unstructured content for accurate retrieval; multiple search technologies that enable enterprise content to be leveraged to create a response to a customer request; personalized response capabilities for dynamically creating a personalized Web-based response for each customer in real time; and customer intelligence capabilities that deliver insight into customers' needs based on comprehension of their requests.

InQuira has also announced the addition of two products to the InQuira 7 Intelligent Search Platform that enhance a customer's experience when searching a company's Web site. The products, Personalized Navigation and Process Wizards, are designed to offer two new ways to assist online customers who aren't asking, or don't know how to ask, the right kind of question to meet their specific need.

Personalized Navigation enables InQuira 7 to dynamically generate a personalized set of links as part of a response to a customer's request. The links generated by the system offer an option to a customer for continuing the search process. If Personalized Navigation determines that the initial request was too broad in scope, the links provide options that will help refine the initial search. If it determines that the initial request was too specific, it will generate links that offer the opportunity to broaden the initial search. In either case, selecting a link will automatically conduct a new intelligent search that uses the meaning of the link to select content for a new response.

Process Wizards enables companies to create branching question-and-answer dialogues that can be included in search results to facilitate the refinement of customer requests, whenever predefined interaction rules trigger their inclusion. These dialogues are intended to help customers more quickly resolve many types of sales and service processes, without requiring the involvement of a customer service agent.