InMobi Launches Remarketing Platform Designed and Optimized for Mobile

Nov 08, 2016


InMobi, a mobile advertising and discovery platform, announced the launch of its mobile-first, in-app remarketing platform in the U.S. The platform enables performance marketers and app developers to retarget existing users across InMobi’s global platform comprising of 1.5+ billion unique mobile devices. Leveraging the platform, advertisers can now execute a comprehensive mobile growth strategy across the entire conversion funnel from prospecting and acquisition to driving post-install activation and maximizing ongoing engagement and purchases over a lifetime.

The platform works well for a wide range of performance marketing goals including, but not limited to, driving first purchases or incremental sales; subscriptions; incremental rides and level-ups. 

InMobi’s remarketing platform says it is the first app-to-app remarketing platform that is designed and optimized for mobile and offers unique and powerful capabilities, such as:

  • Advanced Ad Formats including Video Ads 
  • Dynamic Audience Builder 
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization 
  • InMobi SmartBidder 

These features, combined with InMobi’s global SDK (Software Development Kit) footprint aims to guarantee complete control of the creative experience and also enables a seamless deeplinked in-app experience.