InBoxer Makes Enron Emails Searchable For Free

Jan 27, 2006

The exact words written in the emails of Enron Corp. employees, including those of Enron's Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling, are categorized and available for free, on-line searching and analysis using InBoxer, Inc.'s new content analysis tools.

More than 500,000 emails sent to and from 176 company employees from 2000 to 2002--and released by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission--are available. Users can find material, such as: Business practices (Look for Tom Delay and fund raising); Insights into executive life (Look for Linda Lay about Biochemical Research); jokes (Look for the one about giving a cat a pill); and Truly offensive content (Search the Objectionable Use column).

Online visitors create a free account using the InBoxer Anti-Risk Appliance, which is currently being tested. They then use the built-in tools to find messages that would have triggered an alert if Enron had been using the InBoxer Anti-Risk Appliance. Alternatively, they may search for words, phrases, senders, recipients, and more. The complimentary service is provided by InBoxer, Inc.