InBoxer Launches Email Monitoring Appliance

Mar 21, 2006

InBoxer, a provider of language-based email filtering, has announced an outbound and inbound email monitoring appliance designed to stop data loss, protect privacy, and manage inappropriate employee behavior for organizations and departments with 5,000 or fewer employees.

The InBoxer Anti-Risk Appliance can be installed without a redesign of a corporate network or lengthy assessment. Compliance officers, corporate legal counsels, and HR professionals can analyze email content and find risky messages. The Anti-Risk Appliance can be used to review previously processed messages (eDiscovery) and users can create alarms in real-time to identify messages as they are sent. Once proper permissions are granted, customers can complete installations by plugging the appliance into the local network. End users log-into the Web-based interface and see a dashboard that is updated in real-time using AJAX technologies. End-users can use predefined displays or they can customize the display in real-time. Users can also create reports and alarms just by instructing the appliance to memorize the display.

With the InBoxer Anti-Risk Appliance, organizations can monitor risks, including the following: Objectionable / Acceptable Use, Personal content, Privacy violations (personally identifiable information), such as account, social security, and credit card numbers; Confidential documents and intellectual property leaks; Medical terminology (to show HIPAA compliance); Productivity wasters; Excessive network traffic; and Violations of communications restrictions. The InBoxer Anti-Risk Appliance comes in three configurations with prices starting at less than $5,000 and comes with a 21-day money-back guarantee. Shipments will begin in April.