In-Stat/MDR Releases Mobile Market Study

Jun 01, 2004

According to a study released by market research company In-Stat/MDR, the mobile market is experiencing increased demand for video services as cell phone companies begin rolling out third-generation networks. In-Stat/MDR predicts that by 2009, approximately 22.3 million Americans will be accessing mobile video content, 31.1 million will use video messaging services, and the mobile video services industry will garner $5.4 billion. Data collected by In-Stat/MDR indicates that 13.2% of wireless consumers are extremely interested or very interested in buying video services for their mobile phones. In-Stat/MDR also reports that Sprint PCS subscribers, who typically exhibit more early adopter characteristics than customers of other wireless carriers, were the most likely, among those surveyed, to be interested in mobile video services and that by 2009, mobile video services will account for approximately 14.9% of total wireless data revenues.

The report, Mobile Video Services in the US, 2004-2009, includes survey results and analysis from In-Stat/MDR's Consumer Mobility Study, including level of interest in mobile video services, as well as user preferences for specific content, delivery mechanisms, and video applications. In addition to demographic and behavioral profiles of the market segments most interested in mobile video, the report also provides an outline of In-Stat/MDR's Mobile Video Adoption Framework, including discussion of technology enablers, market trends, carrier business models, and consumer adoption patterns. In addition, an assessment of the supply-side market landscape, including profiles of technology vendors, as well as video content providers and application developers, is included. The report is priced at $3,495.