"In Context" Web Advertising Is More Effective, New Research Shows

Nov 02, 2007

Seeing an ad in context on a web page has a direct positive impact on ad effectiveness, according to a pilot study conducted by OTX (Online Testing eXchange), a consumer research and consulting firm. Advertising placed on relevant pages of content on neutral and general interest websites outperformed the same advertising on out of context pages and equaled the response to the same ad on a highly relevant website. The study, the first in a series, was commissioned by ContextWeb, creator of online ad exchange ADSDAQ. The study tested a leading consumer electronics manufacturer's ad on web pages in three different environments. The first was a page on a typical consumer electronics-oriented website; the second was in the technology section of a leading national newspaper's website; the third was an ad on a page in the online opinion section of the same newspaper. The ad on the technology page of the newspaper's site performed better than the same ad in the opinion section of the newspaper's website, including ad recognition (the number of consumers who recalled seeing the ad) and brand recognition (being able to recall the brand being advertised). The contextually served ad also improved performance in communicating information about the product to consumers vs. the opinion page.