Imtiger Releases SuperTintin To Record Skype and MSN Calls

May 24, 2011

Imtiger Technologies released SuperTintin version 1.2, a Windows application that enables users to record audio and video streams, including Skype and MSN phone calls and videos. Instead of using screen-capture techniques to collect the audio and video streams, SuperTintin captures the original media data, so users can open, close, or resize windows during the recording without affecting the quality of the recorded videos. With six recording modes, SuperTintin features several different recording options, and can support up to ten participants in a Skype conference call.

SuperTintin version 1.2 is available in two editions, the Skype Video Call Recorder and the MSN Webcam Recorder, each costing $29.95 for a single-user license. In the coming months, Imtiger Technologies is expected to release SuperTintin editions for Yahoo, AIM, QQ, Paltalk, CrazyFrog, Gizmo, and other IM clients.