Imperva Pinpoints Security Risks with DAS

Feb 12, 2010

Data security firm Imperva announced the European availability of its new discovery and assessment services (DAS). DAS gives companies and other organizations the ability to locate and catalog potentially sensitive data within an IT environment, allowing effective security policies to be developed and implemented and lessening the risk of data loss or theft. The company emphasized the importance of data organization in effective security, highlighting a 2009 Verizon study that in 39% of computer security breaches, the companies had been unaware that they were storing the info that was subsequently stolen.

DAS is built around four central features: database mapping, identification of sensitive data, vulnerability assessment, and data risk analysis. In addition to locating sensitive data, DAS provides a risk assessment based on the current implementation of security measures, analyzing factors such as platform, software, and custom configurations to produce a comprehensive report on existing vulnerabilities. The service also provides recommendations on how to remedy the problems and better secure the data in question.