Immersion Analytics Announces Partnership with Qlik to Bring Immersive Data Visualization to the BI Segment

Aug 01, 2019

Immersion Analytics announced the signing of a Technology Partnership Agreement with Qlik to bring immersive data visualization capabilities to Qlik users. Business users can visualize and analyze seven, ten, even 15 or more columns of data in a single view. The solution supports the current installed worldwide base of Qlik users either through standard computer monitors or, with the push of a button, powered by a VR/AR headset integrated within a Qlik instance. This partnership augments existing Qlik plans to foster deeper user insights from their data and help users more effectively communicate their insights with others.

The integration with Immersion Analytics enables Qlik users to:

  • Reduce data analysis time by more than 50%
  • Visualize 7, 10…even 15 or more columns/dimensions of data in one view
  • Communicate data insights quickly and easily through integrated video capture tools
  • Manage their immersive data visualization directly within the current, familiar and intuitive Qlik interface
  • Drive data insights through a unique bi-directional interface to bring immersive insights directly back into the Qlik dashboard
  • See powerful immersive data plots on their computer or mobile screens or in AR/VR headsets to increase understanding
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders through video-based storyboards and standardized animated reports.

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