Illinois State Bar Association Members Use Research Tool Powered by LexisNexis

Nov 25, 2003

Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) members will now be able to conduct legal research online using IllinoisCite, a Web-based legal research tool powered by LexisNexis U.S., a provider of legal, news and business information services. IllinoisCite, will be available exclusively to ISBA members at, using a standard Web browser. The IllinoisCite program joins InCite from the Pennsylvania Bar Association and IowaCite from the Iowa State Bar Association, which are similar products by LexisNexis geared to the practitioners in those states. IllinoisCite will provide access to a list of Illinois legal research information. Primary legal sources available include: Illinois Supreme Court decisions from 1819; Illinois Appellate Court decisions from 1877; United States Supreme Court Cases from 1790; United States 7th Circuit Cases (last 5 years); Illinois Constitution; Supreme Court Rules; Code of Judicial Conduct; Mandatory Arbitration Rules; Expedited Child Support Rules; Civil Appeals Rules; Rules on Admission and Discipline of Attorneys; and Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct. Bar members using IllinoisCite also can link to additional sources of legal research information offered by LexisNexis for a fee. Some of the information sources are priced according to the ISBA Member Benefits Program. Other services from LexisNexis can be purchased using a credit card.

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