Ignite Announces Version 7.0 of Ignite Content Delivery Solution

Dec 09, 2008

Ignite Technologies, Inc., a provider of Enterprise Content Delivery Solutions, announced version 7.0 for the Ignite Content Delivery Solution. The key features of the release further extend the Ignite Solution to deliver rich media within the enterprise and include support for enhanced capabilities for the delivery of content to mobile devices. Ignite v7.0 provides the ability for the enterprise to target, deliver, track, and report on content or notifications to mobile devices. Through the Ignite Delivery Manager, content administrators within an enterprise can manage content delivery to all registered devices such as Windows Mobile enabled devices, iPods, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Employees within an enterprise can individually select, for any media type, the preferred device and method on which they would like to view their content. High priority notifications, such as all employee alerts, can be published by the content administrator and targeted to mobile devices for immediate delivery.