Ibotta Launches Dynamic Segmentation, Partners with LiveRamp

Jun 07, 2016

As part of its mission to help retailers drive incremental sales and new customer acquisition, Ibotta, a mobile shopping app that pays consumers cash back on their everyday purchases, announced  the launch of Dynamic Segmentation. This capability allows marketers to leverage their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data to intelligently create segmented campaigns by delivering personalized media content and rebates based entirely on a consumer's relative brand loyalty. Ibotta is partnering with LiveRamp, a provider of data connectivity and onboarding services, to further enhance its Dynamic Segmentation offering.

Ibotta's 100 percent logged-in mobile platform allows retailers to ensure that each consumer is exposed to a unique offer and branded interaction that's relevant to their prior purchase behavior. For example, retailers can show a loyal customer a more modest rebate and reserve the most compelling offers to entice new customers. Variable cost structures ensure that retailers' marketing dollars are allocated towards promotions that support their primary acquisition objective, while still driving incremental trips and higher average basket sizes across loyal and occasional shoppers.

Ibotta can ingest retailers' CRM segments directly from LiveRamp to determine which Ibotta users should see which offers and media content. The data matching process requires minimal setup, and data is continuously updated in real-time as customer segments evolve.