IXIASOFT and Adobe Partner to Offer XML Publishing Solutions

Oct 08, 2002


IXIASOFT and Adobe Systems Incorporated have announced that they will join forces to co-market and integrate IXIASOFT's TEXTML Server with Adobe FrameMaker 7.0. TEXTML is an XML content server whose purpose is to store, index, and retrieve XML content, and FrameMaker 7.0 is an XML authoring and publishing solution that is designed to automate and streamline information management across the extended enterprise. The initiative encompasses a broad base of marketing activities aimed towards the aerospace and defense industry including seminar series, customer success stories, ad campaigns, trade shows, and direct mail efforts. Development efforts are moving ahead to provide integration between the two products and intend to enable users to produce XML content in the environment provided by FrameMaker and store and publish this content using TEXTML Server, thus creating a complete document workflow system from production to searching and publishing. Joint trade show participations will soon be announced on both companies' Web sites as well as the schedule for a series of information seminars.

(http://www.adobe.com), (http://www.ixiasoft.com)