IXIASOFT Launches TEXTML Server 3.6

Oct 11, 2005

IXIASOFT, a native XML database and search engine market provider, has announced the availability of TEXTML Server 3.6. For this release, IXIASOFT has extended TEXTML Server's enterprise-class functionality by providing users with new features enabling them to manage, search, and sort extremely large document bases. This new version of TEXTML Server is aimed at organizations that require scalable and robust XML content management solution.

Key features of TEXTML Server 3.6 include: Syndicated search--developed for the management of large volumes of content, the TEXTML Server "Meta Services" feature enables users to query multiple document bases from a single and/or multiple physical servers as if they were querying one single document base. As such, users will obtain one search result, sorted according to any specified sorting criteria; Document fragment return--TEXTML Server 3.6 now enables users to access fragments of a document upon a search result, instead of the whole document. This feature maximizes the speed at which search results can be obtained. Users can download a 30-day trial from the Web site.