IXIASOFT Announces the Availability of its New DITA CMS Web Platform

Feb 23, 2017


IXIASOFT, a provider in the Component Content Management Systems (CCMS) marketplace, announced the availability of a new web platform which extends the reach of DITA CMS to non-technical writers. Integrating these users into the documentation process and fully leveraging their knowledge will result in increased content accuracy and overall team productivity.

By using the DITA CMS’s new web platform, organizations will:

  • Facilitate the contribution of content
  • Streamline the review process

The DITA CMS web platform offers:

  • Microsoft Word-like experience – intuitive interface allowing anyone to easily create and edit content, track changes, add comments and manage images
  • No DITA knowledge required – DITA complexity is hidden from the users 
  • User-friendly interface – easy-to-use web platform for optimized collaboration between technical writers and SMEs/engineers/reviewers