IXIASOFT Announces the Availability of DITA CMS Framework 2.1

Apr 08, 2008

IXIASOFT, an XML content management provider, has announced the availability of the DITA CMS Framework 2.1. With its new capabilities, the DITA CMS Framework fully supports DITA 1.1, provides technical communicators with advanced project management features and WYSIWYG support for DITA bookmaps.

Key features of the DITA CMS Framework 2.1 include project management and the DITA bookmap support in the DITA Map editor. The project management functionality offers an overview of multi-deliverable projects that may include documents as diverse as installation instructions, training packages and reference documentation. Project managers will use this feature to select the staff who will be responsible for documentation and review, for setting up review dates for the maps that make up a project and for specifying the languages in which each map should be translated to.

The DITA 1.1 specifications include a number of enhancements, which primarily addresses the optimization of content reuse and single sourcing capabilities. In it latest version, the DITA CMS Framework supports DITA bookmaps directly within its DITA Map editor.