IU and ChaCha Partner to Create Academic Search Service

Aug 07, 2007

Indiana University president Michael A. McRobbie and Scott A. Jones, co-founder and CEO of ChaCha, an Indiana company that is creating a new way of providing Internet searches, have entered into an alliance for research, development, and services of Internet search tools and practices.

This partnership will incorporate the knowledge of the university's library and information technology staff into ChaCha's new search engine architecture. It is intended to enable IU and ChaCha to develop a better understanding of how guided search can best serve the complex needs of students, faculty and academic researchers.

By combining machine-based searches with input from human guides, ChaCha is able to offer users the ability to receive instant results, just like a traditional search engine, but the guides help the user focus on relevant information and eliminate unwanted material.

Other opportunities to be explored by the partners include improved web content strategies, engagement of scholarly communities and their knowledge repositories, possibilities for tutoring applications, scholarships and student internships and employment. ChaCha already has a search relationship with the IU Alumni Association including a ChaCha IU search bar for web browsers.

(www.chacha.com; www.iu.edu)