ITN Productions' Truthloader Channel Launches On YouTube

Nov 27, 2012

Truthloader, a new citizen journalism channel from ITN Productions, has launched on YouTube. Announced at MIPCOM as part of the YouTube original channels initiative, Truthloader showcases the work of citizen journalists from around the world with original daily programming from amateur eyewitnesses and passionate online campaigners. All reports are curated by social media experts and professional journalists at ITN Productions.

The presenter for Truthloader is author and blogger Phil Harper, supported by a team of producers. Executive Producers are Chris Shaw and Jamie Scott. The three main strands for the channel are:

  • Truthloader - citizen journalism content uploaded every weekday
  • The Hangout - an as-live debate show over Skype and Google Hangout for citizen journalists chaired by Phil Harper, airing every Wednesday
  • Truthloader Investigates - reports and investigations uploaded every Friday about conspiracy theories from around the world

What's on the schedule for today? An investigation into untraceable drug deals on the web; the rise of unmanned military technology firing without human command; and, UFOs over Jerusalem.