ITI Announces Enterprise Search Center

Apr 23, 2004

Information Today, Inc. (ITI) has announced that its new Web site, Enterprise Search Center (ESC) is now active. ESC is designed to enable corporate decision-makers interested in enterprise search to test-drive several technology solutions. ESC is designed to give attendees, and any others interested, a chance to check out the products of vendors of enterprise search solutions who were invited to participate in this project. These vendors used their crawlers on the following Web sites, all owned and operated by ITI: Information Today, Inc.'s main site (, EContent Magazine, KMWorld, Destination CRM, EMedia Live, Streaming Media, CyberSkeptic's Guide, and Intranets. Users searching the ESC are then able to compare the results of how each engine performed against the same content collections. Since these sites operate on a variety of platforms, users can see how the engines coped with distributed and independent systems, similar to those found in many enterprises. ESC launched at the beginning of April and will be available for use throughout 2004. The first three companies participating in the ESC are Northern Light, Synomia, and Entopia. ESC is being run in conjunction with ITI's new conference, Enterprise Search Summit, which will take place May 11-12, 2004, at the Hilton New York in New York City.

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