IT Security Spending Will Increase in 2009

Jan 13, 2009

Finjan Inc., a provider of secure web gateway solutions for the enterprise market, announced the findings of its IT security survey conducted during December 2008. In light of the economic downturn and rising cybercrime attacks as indicated in Finjan’s Web Security Trends Report Q4 2008, Finjan conducted an online survey among 200 IT and security professionals. The survey focused on determining the trends for allocating IT budgets in 2009 compared to 2008. The results reveal that the total IT budgets for 2009 tend to be reduced compared to 2008. IT security budget outlook was more optimistic since organizations intend to dedicate a larger part of their total IT budgets to IT security. Key findings from the survey: 38% of all respondents stated that they do not expect a change in their 2009 IT budgets, while 34% indicated that they expect them to be slightly smaller--reflecting the general declining trend in corporate budgets; 34% of the respondents indicated that their IT security budgets for 2009 will increase; 43% of all respondents expect their IT security budget for 2009 to remain the same; the survey also found that the upward trend in IT security budget allocation was more pronounced in the financial and governmental sectors than in others.