ISYS Search Software Announces ISYS:web 9, Appoints New CEO

Nov 14, 2008

ISYS Search Software, a global supplier of information access and discovery solutions for mining intelligence and corporate knowledge, announced the arrival of ISYS:web 9, the company’s enterprise search solution for intranets, websites, Microsoft SharePoint, and custom web applications. ISYS’ Intelligent Content Analysis manifests itself in the form of several parametric search and refinement options. At index time, ISYS notes aspects like entities in the full text (e.g., names, locations); commonly recurring metadata values in semi-structured and database formats; location of files; dates and numbers; and position of words. These characteristics are then exploited, either as a front-end interface for parametric search, or as refinement options within search results. ISYS:web 9’s capabilities also include: intelligent query expansion, intelligence clouds, and search form customization.

ISYS Search Software also announced the appointment of Scott Coles as CEO. Prior to this position, Coles held senior executive roles with companies such as EDS, Lucent Technologies, and Avaya.