ISYS Search Software Announces ISYS:sdk 9

May 01, 2009

ISYS Search Software, a global supplier of information access and discovery solutions for mining intelligence and corporate knowledge, announced the arrival of ISYS:sdk 9, the company’s enterprise search integration kit for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), independent software vendors (ISV), and systems integrators. ISYS has expanded its core engine’s content mining capabilities. Through its Intelligent Content Analysis, ISYS notes key characteristics about a content collection, such as metadata patterns and entities. ISYS:sdk now handles most search requests concurrently and offers increased index capacity, allowing for 2TB to 4TB of content per single index. ISYS automatically identifies identical documents and either removes them from the results or visually marks them. ISYS now provides administrators with the ability to adjust the relevance weighting on entire or sub-collections of documents.