ISYS Search Software Announces ISYS 7

May 17, 2005

ISYS Search Software, a supplier of enterprise search solutions for business and government, has announced the release of ISYS 7, the company's next-generation enterprise search platform. ISYS also announced the immediate general availability of ISYS:desktop 7, the company's enterprise-class desktop search application.

Features of the ISYS 7 suite include: On-The-Fly Categorization--At query time, ISYS automatically generates categories that enable users to drill down and find the right information; ISYS also provides administrators with tools for modifying categories according to their business rules. Results Grouping--Rather than scrolling and sorting long results lists, ISYS:desktop 7 now offers the ability to cluster results into logical groups; users can group by file type, relevance, number of hits, and more. Improved Metadata Searching and Handling--ISYS now enables users to weight hits in meta fields more than hits in full text, using the 'espin' operator; ISYS also offers scripting tools to give administrators the ability to inject metadata into content as needed. ISYS Taskbar Search Window--ISYS:desktop 7 now offers a taskbar search window; users can enter a query directly into the window, access saved searches, or select from a list of available indexes. ISYS also enables ubiquity of the search function via enhanced shell integration, which allows users to initiate a search by highlighting text and hitting 'WindowsKey+Q'. Improved indexing speeds, doubled index capacity--Administrators can create an unlimited number of indexes and chain up to 128 indexes, enabling users to search across 8 billion documents with a single search. Multi-Processor Support--For enhanced indexing performance, ISYS now offers enterprises the ability to leverage multiple processors to build indexes in tandem. Unicode Support--Rather than conduct separate, language-specific searches, ISYS' Unicode support now enables users to search across several languages with a single query.